Out-of-the-box Operational Portals that transform Office 365 / SharePoint into a Digital Workplace
SP Workplace Solutions V12
Built natively on SharePoint Online, these out-of-the-box no-code solutions, enable organizations to establish a common structure for communication, resources, processes and collaboration
Why SP Marketplace?
Rather than throwing a large number of Office 365 tools at users, SP Digital Workplace Solutions on Office 365 and SharePoint, provide users access to those tools in the context of how they work. By working in Operational Portals and applications integrated with Office 365 tools and services to provide an integrated Digital Workplace, user adoption of Office 365 & SharePoint and overall productivity in the organization is significantly improved.
Mobile CSS - Full Mobile Experience
Add full mobile support for SP Solution Modules. Upgrade your SP Digital Workplace module to support full mobile interface on IOS and Android devices. Implemented as a CSS overlay that activates when a mobile device is sensed, SP Mobile CSS goes beyond our semi-responsive screens in the standard Classic SharePoint UI to deliver a fully mobile user experience through your mobile browser.

The center of your Digital Workplace on Office 365 and SharePoint where everyone in the company can see and interact with the latest organization news, events, and information with “Active Content,” while achieving new levels of communication and collaboration

Employee Self-Service Portal
A central operational portal within the Office 365 Digital Workplace that is designed especially for employees to access documents, processes, an employee directory, and a central service request system to submit, manage, and track important requests

Department Portals
Generic portal template on Office 365 and SharePoint to create an operational portal in the Digital Workplace for any functional department. Includes staff facing portal, employee service portal, and built-in help desk. Customize to support any functional area

HR Portal
An operational portal in the Office 365 Digital Workplace to track employee information, documents, certifications, policies, benefits, and service requests. SP HR Portal comes with MyHR employee service portal. Use as your HRIS, or wrap your existing HR system

IT Portal
An operational portal in the Office 365 Digital Workplace that includes an IT help desk, asset tracking, and change management. Includes a MyIT employee service portal. More than a Portal it can serve as your ITMS or wrap existing IT Systems

Marketing Portal
A place organize and administer Marketing Activites. Create, track, and mange marketing campaigns, events, media, and projects with this portal. The MyMarketing employee portal serves as the marketing resource center

Facilities Portal
An operational portal in the that includes a work order application, facilities and asset tracking, and a preventative maintenance option. Includes a MyFM employee service portal to submit requests and access resources

Sales Portal
Integrated CRM and sales operational portal. Track and manage leads, opportunities, and accounts. Includes team collaboration for sharing information, documents, appointments, and communications

Customer Service Portal
An operational portal part of the Office 365 and SharePoint Digital Workplace that automates customer self-service functions, captures issues or cases via email, external web page, or customer portal, and sends automatic notifications to to the customer and team members

Project Tracker Portal
Easy to use project management operational portal on Office 365 and SharePoint. Track and mange tasks, documents, issues, while collaborating with your team better than ever before

Extranet Portal
Create group portals on Office 365 and SharePoint that offer greater visibility, enhanced collaboration, and group security to mange meetings, share documents, start discussions, provide access to resources. Each group has its own calendar, tasks, permissions management & secure entry
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