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Enchanted Forest

  • Simplify the IT system for all users while allowing easy remote access

  • Improve the stability of the network and stabilise VPN links

  • Replace the existing server-based solution

  • Provide secure hosting for the company's server

  • Migrate all users to Office 365 mail with single sign on enabled

  • Overhaul VPN system and upgrade firmware on all routers

  • Provide a simple, stable and universally accessible file storage solution - SharePoint

  • We now host their server in our secure comms room


Cloud Cover IT was selected as our IT Service Provider offering a secure, cost effective and simple solution to our complex IT needs. The 100% cloud based solution we chose is a perfect fit for our entire team. It provides safe and fast access to all company data and e-mail regardless of location of all of our nurseries."


Mariessa Devlin, Managing Director



Enchanted Forest is an award winning nursery group that employs more than 85 highly trained and skilled staff. Under the directorship of Mariessa, their philosophy is ‘being the best we can be’. Their success has meant that they now have five nureseries spread across the West of Scotland which are open 51 weeks of the year. It is vitally important that they can securely access records for their tiny customers as well as their parents from any location.


The Challenge


Enchanted Forest had found their existing VPN connection was letting them down a lot and they were unable to get access to their files stored on the central server too much of the time. It was very important that the VPN links between their various sites and the central server were significantly improved and they found secure hosting for their server. They also needed and IT system which was easy for all staff to use.


The Solution


We successfuly migrated all e-mail accounts over to Office 365 with a single sign on enabled to reduce the complexity of the IT systems for all users. All files were migrated on to a custom-built SharePoint solution hosted within Office 365. This allowed secure access by authorised staff from anywhere, whether on a company site or at home.


The VPN system was compltely overhauled with the firmerware on all routers and connectivity being upgraded where required. We now host their server in our secure comms room, providing a secure and easy to access environment for the equipment.




Enchanted Forest now have a network they can rely on while being able to easily access files from any location securely. We continue to support their business as they grow and win award after award.


"Since switching to Cloud Cover IT outsourcing services, my directors and the rest of my team were able to realise the expertise and agility of a true outsourced partner to accomplish our projects faster and get the right level of support when needed.