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Sharles Chartered Accountants and Business Advisers

  • Build a robust system that met regulatory requirements quickly

  • Provide a secure network capable of supporting past, present and future business applications

  • Provide secure remote access to critical systems

  • Provide continued support for several critical applications

  • We provided a new Hyper-V based server with multiple virtual instances

  • E-mail was migrated to Office 365

  • A new remote desktop solution was implemented


As a financial firm we are required to adhere to strict compliance rules and regulations with a focus on data / email archiving, protection and retention. Cloud Cover IT provided us a solution that met all those requirements and  offered the peace of mind that our firm was looking for.

Chris Wilson



Sharles, was formed in 1960. They are a medium sized practice, based Sharles Accountants Logo Sharper.pngin Hamilton, providing a comprehensive range of specialist services to both corporate and personal clients.


Their policy is to provide a thorough, fast and efficient service, tailored to each individual client's requirements. They take great care to establish each client's needs and use their wealth of professional expertise to meet these objectives. To support this, they recognised that their IT systems required upgrading.


The Challenge


They required a new system to be built that was demonstrably robust and met all of the appropriate regulatory requirements in their line of work. This had to be delivered in a relatively short timescale. As well as this, they wanted a future proof solution to their network problems. They needed a modern, scaleable, maintainable and secure network capable of supporting both past, present and future business applications.


Due to the nature of modern working practices coupled with the range of services they offer their clients, secure remote access for both staff and select clients to access critical systems was important.


Support for several critical applications including Iris and multiple versions of Sage accounting / payroll software is fundamental for a business of this nature.


The Solution


We provided a new Hyper-V based server with multiple virtual instances, allowing us to tailor each instance to the needs of the specific applications running on it.


E-mail was migrated to Office 365, freeing expensive on-site resources for more critical applications and ensuring that all Office software is properly licensed. Office 365 compliance functions also ensures that sensitive data is not improperly distributed and that a verifiable audit trail exists for all client communications.


A new remote desktop solution was implemented allowing us to limit access to applications on a per-user basis if necessary.




On completion of this project Sharles has the future proof systems that all growing businesses require coupled with adherence to strict regulations that govern their industry.